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macs Software enables integrated planning and control across all departments and locations of your organization and interconnects between them. Standard functions such as calculating cover contributions and presenting deviation analyses make macs up-to-date, so you will always be up to date.

As part of your planning, you will answer important business questions with macs, for example

  • How do you earn your money?
  • What are the cost estimates?
  • What are the raw material requirements?
  • Do you have sufficient production resources?
  • How does your company react to changing buying behavior?
  • How does your cash flow look?
  • How does your company react to changed raw material and purchase prices?
  • Make or buy-which way is the better?
  • and more.

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The secure solution for planning and control

macs Software generates your business plan quickly and easily from selected  business evaluations and charts  . Macs is more than your control and control system. It is your  Planning and Analysis Software. macs shows plan-and controllably your results both per enterprise unit and consolidated across booking circuit boundaries. Billing rates within the Group structure are visible and controllable.

macs reveals the need for action and calls for interventions in your business activities. Maximum  Success through maximum transparency.

  • Sales volumes, turnover, conditions and cover contributions
  • Hourly rates and manufacturing costs
  • Material and capacity requirements
  • Overhead costs and cost centers
  • Procurement planning
  • Personnel costs
  • Process Cost
macs Controlling Software - Controlling für sichere Planung und Steuerung

The SPECIAL STRENGTH of macs: Multidimensional Cover Controlling

The particular strength of macs software is the horizontal and vertical integration of your entire enterprise. Value creation process. All sub-plans are networked with each other. Combine your production and/or distribution levels in the value chain and merge the individual solutions and specialist areas into a holistic view of your results.

  • Financial controlling (integrated financial planning)
  • Capacity controlling
  • Cost controlling
  • Procurement controlling
  • Sales controlling
  • Consolidation
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • and others
macs Controlling Software - Multidimensionales Deckungsbeitragscontrolling (Deckungsbeitragsrechnung)

Reliability for cost, performance and profit calculation

With macs, you create transparency. Costs, benefits, and revenue are properly associated with the relevant objects, products, or business units. Planning and controlling are possible throughout at all levels. Decently and without media breakage, macs shows deviations, relieves the key levels, and supports management in their decision. Controlling gets into the heads and becomes a matter for everyone.

  • Stage-by-step calculation of the cover
  • Price and quantity deviations
  • Manufacturing Costs Nominal/Actual Comparison (HK-SIV)
  • Consumption discrepancies
  • Variations in employment
  • Profit and loss account (GuV)
  • Balance sheet/balance sheet
  • Cash flow/analysis
macs Controlling Software - Kosten-, Leistung-, und Ergebnisrechnung

Unlimited possibilities

macs Software offers not only holistic controlling power for your company, but also many other possibilities, which make your daily tasks in controlling enormously easier. All the results obtained are tested and safe. A real added value compared to simple spreadsheets.

And, in the end, more time to better analyze and interpret better data. Time to think ahead and ask yourself what it takes to continue to positively influence the company's earnings.

  • Currency and client capability
  • Local and International Accounting Standards
  • Copy and paste of tabular data to macs software
  • Interfaces to all pre-systems (ERP, CRM, BDE, etc.)
  • Cleveres Dashboard
  • Diverse display options
macs Controlling Software - Möglichkeiten im Controlling

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