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The strongest effects are achieved by macs in the manufacturing industry, in the best case in series production. Service and commercial enterprises are more and more inspired by the tried and tested methods of corporate management of the industry. The further industry with macs controlling solutions also works successfully, shows the view of the customer list. macs software is industry-independent and as flexible as you need it.

Look at our references and see which companies belong to the successful macs community.

Macs Industry Solutions

For many years, macs have been represented in all industries worldwide. macs industry solutions offer   capabilities for  

  • Easy GuV, balance sheet and liquidity planning up to  
  • networked, enterprise-wide, integrated planning with paragraph/revenue planning,
  • conditioning planning,
  • capacity-demand planning,
  • procurement planning,
  • cost center controlling,
  • financial and liquidity planning also in the context of disposition associations (intercompany, SupplyChains, etc.).

With macs, you can create transparency in every industry.

Beverages and food

With the special requirements for controlling at beverage and food manufacturers, we know ourselves.   WKZ, recipes, cutting calculation or conditioning planning are not foreign words for us, but fixed terms of our controlling everyday. We speak your language!


  • Fountain and Water
  • Sweets
  • Breweries
  • Juices
  • Wine, sparkling wine and spirits


  • Food
  • sausage and butchery
  • dairy and cheese dairy
  • candy
  • and more

Look at our references and see which companies are already working with macs.

macs Controlling Software - Controlling für Getränke- und Nahrungsmittel / Lebensmittelindustrie

Series and process production

In series and process production, macs has the best industry expertise. In the context of planning and scenario calculations, macs takes care of the parts lists and job plans in detail from the respective ERP system. macs ensures controlling.

  • Construction Materials
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Printing and Packaging
  • Electronics
  • Industry
  • Medical Technology
  • Pharma
  • Fashion and Textiles
  • Metal Processing
  • Plastic Processing
  • Sports and Beauty
  • Telecommunications

The variety of references shows how flexible you can use macs no matter which industry you are assigning.

macs Controlling Software - Controlling für Serienfertigung und Prozessfertigung


macs Controlling Software is the right choice for integrated corporate management for all companies in the automotive industry sector. macs enables without media break and throughout all departments and business locations.

  • quantity-based sales/sales planning
  • Conditionplanning
  • Capacity and material demand planning
  • Determination of intercompany results
  • Consolidation
  • Local cost controlling
  • DB deviation analyses
  • R & D controlling
  • Product cost controlling
  • Lifecycle analysis

.. and other capabilities more.

macs Controlling Software - Controlling für Automotive

Other Industries

With open architecture, macs also provides custom-tailored solutions for the following industries, for example,  

  • Trade and service companies
  • utilities
  • machinery and plant engineering
  • transport and logistics
  • project and individual production
  • single-series manufacturers
  • public administrations  
  • planning and project planning companies
  • etc.

A look at our references.  

The macs experts work with you to develop an individual concept for your controlling requirements. In many cases, the investment in macs is already amortized after just a few billing periods.

You can unite your free expert talk.

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